May 2016

Why do you want to lose weight?

Picture your weight loss mindset for running
Why would you work hard to lose weight?

Why do you want to lose weight? This question is very pertinent when someone wants to lose weight. Any issue has to be tackled from the origin. Unless and until you are sure of “why”, your progress towards “how” will be meaningless.

Let us scrutinize to get a candid picture!

Habits die hard, particularly eating habits that you have been cultivating over period of time of your life. Unless you manage to get an upper hand over these habits with a will of steel, the chances of you progressing even as far as half the way down to your desired target weight is highly unlikely or to be more succinct, next to impossible. Therefore, to keep your motivation up high, it is imperative to know “why” you wish to lose weight.

The best way to keep you inspired with a steady interest and a powerful stimulus to keep until you meet the challenge of reaching your target weight is to prepare a list of the reasons as to “why”. Make sure to place this on all the sites where it will grab your attention unfailingly. Here comes the likely reasons that hold true for a majority of overweight individuals who aspire to be slim.

Your Appearance

We are all vain in our subconscious mind to want to look fabulous. There is absolutely nothing wrong in wanting to look good. On the contrary, it can be a strong motivating factor keeping you working hard till you achieve the desired weight.

When you are happy and content with your appearance, you feel good about yourself. This gives a remarkable boost to your self-confidence making you a naturally fit, enabling you to blend more easily with many of the everyday mundane situations in life. With or without prejudice, an overweight person does bring unwanted and even unappreciative attention upon himself/ herself. You will struggle to sit on a chair made to cater to a person with normal weight. It will be a painstaking task finding clothes that fit you.  Definitely your social life also gets compromised to some extent particularly because of the limitation in the choice. All these can inflict deep wounds in your self-esteem and break your spirit.


Obesity is the gateway to many serious health issues, heart diseases and stroke top the list. Other diseases closely associated with it include high blood pressure, diabetes, gallstones, breathing problems like sleep apnoea, osteoarthritis and gout affecting joints, and even some cancers.

Even disregarding all these grave issues to health, being overweight can affect your daily routine by drastically limiting your movements. You hold back from enjoying a peaceful walk along the beach or a park and even miss out on having fun playing with your children. And all because, being encumbered with the burden of extra weight, you feel breathless and uncomfortable with these simple activities a person with normal weight can heartily enjoy. Even climbing up a small staircase can seem to be a dreadful chore for a person who is overweight.


Strategies for Weight Loss Success

Reasons for Weight Loss Dreams
Picture what your weight loss will feel like.

Picturize Yourself after Losing Weight

Encourage your mind to indulge in thoughts about how healthy you want to become and how fantastic you would look on losing weight. Try to picturize yourself after losing weight. This visualization is a strong incentive to keep you slogging without quitting until the goal is achieved.

Overcome the Challenge

Try to see this as a challenge to yourself. Anything, that is not powerful enough to dare you, is unlikely to make you different. So don’t just wish for it, work for it and overcome the challenge.

Be Stronger than Your Excuses

Never ever quit! Remember, “The cowards never start, the weak never finish and the winners never quit”. You have to be stronger than your excuses.

The underlying fact is that weight losing is a war of ‘will’ between the mind and the matter. Keep up the motivation strong and steady enough to overcome the discouraging temptations inducing you to quit. Allow the mind to win over the matter, and ultimately the winner will be you.

What do do Now

It is important to understand that in order to successfully lose weight and keep it off, your mind has to be ready to change.  Simply telling yourself that you “need to do something” or “want to do something” may not be enough.  A strong sense of discipline and a completely different mental approach to food, fitness, exercise and body image are all things that are very important to a successful body transformation.  This is why it is important to have a fit mind, so that you are mentally strong enough to create a fit body.